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Test shooting with Alek

Here are some of the photos I shoot one night of february with Aleksandra while testing some lights and flashes. It was a last-minute idea, just the time for the make up and we started playing with the cameras. The first Polaroid has been exhibited at the Milan’s Photoshow 2013 at The Impossible Project’s stand. […]

An afternoon with Aleksandra

Yesterday I had to meet with Aleksandra, a dear friend of mine, we didn’t se each other for a while. We also have procrastinated on some possible shooting for a long while, so it was the right time to solve both of the problems. I wasn’t sure of what kind of pictures we were going […]

Polaroid filtered multiexposure

    Aleksandra, double Model: Aleksandra The Impossible Project PX600 Black Frame Poor Pod UV+ Polaroid Land Camera 1000 with ND Filter Today I’m here to tell you about some other experimentation I did on instant film and Polaroid camera. When I was really a beginner with polas, I wanted to do some double exposure […]