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Bedroom Portraits Series: Giulia preview

I’ve been away from my blog for a while. I had issues with the wordpress CMS and didn’t really have time to fix it until now. I’ve done a bunch of stuff since my last post, but I’ll spread the news within the next few weeks. I think I told about the issues with my […]

Bedroom Portraits Series: Sophie Hepp preview

Yesterday I had a shooting with Sophie Hepp for the Bedroom Portraits series I already told about. Her bedroom was so messy that I couldn’t help but love it, every thing around was so HER. I tested two wireless flash that I was looking forward to buy but they gave me such a hard time, at […]

Bedroom Portraits series preview: Stefanie

Stefanie Portraits The Impossible Project PX100 UV+ Beta Polaroid SX-70 Sonar One Step   Yesterday I went by Stefanie to take some pictures for my bedroom portraits series. It had been some fun shooting, the light was always changing because of clouds coming in and out. In general it was pretty dark. These two shots […]