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Got a reversal film processing kit

Since I started developing black and white film by myself I was curious on color negative and reversal process. I bought a Super-8 camera months ago and got a Kodak reversal film for it from a friend. I haven’t used it yet but I looked around for lab that are still developing super-8 film and […]

Got a daily deviation on deviantART

Francesca Posing by ~Robin-Bervini on deviantART. It seems like good news come together. Yesterday I posted about the featuring of one of my Polaroids on RedBubble newsletters, today I found out I’ve got my second Daily Deviation on deviantArt! Daily Deviation is a selection of members artworks done by staff and premium members (I guess), […]

Caffenol-C for prints

Thanks to my reference for Caffenol-C process at caffenol.org I found out that this process can be used for printing as well. Now it’s pretty obvious to me, since the light sensitive chemical stuff on film and paper is quite the same, the only difference is that paper is way less sensitive. In the post on caffenol.org […]