Got a daily deviation on deviantART

Francesca Posing by ~Robin-Bervini on deviantART.

It seems like good news come together. Yesterday I posted about the featuring of one of my Polaroids on RedBubble newsletters, today I found out I’ve got my second Daily Deviation on deviantArt! Daily Deviation is a selection of members artworks done by staff and premium members (I guess), and every selected artwork is highlighted on the site for 24 hours and then remains in the archive. Here’s the artwork in question:

Francesca Posing by ~Robin-Bervini on deviantART

Francesca Posing (Mucha style study)

Francesca Wilkins
Caffenol-C print on Ilford Multigrade paper
Rollop TLR

The photograph was taken as a study for some Mucha inspired illustration. It is blurry, I know, it was ok for drawing though. At the moment I don’t remember on what film I shot this one, but it was developed in Caffenol-C just as I did for this final print, which is the reason for the warm brownish tone.

Francesca is a fine art student and a very close friend of mine, please, visit her portfolio.

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