Caffenol-C for prints

Thanks to my reference for Caffenol-C process at I found out that this process can be used for printing as well. Now it’s pretty obvious to me, since the light sensitive chemical stuff on film and paper is quite the same, the only difference is that paper is way less sensitive. In the post on […]


Subway – Ilford FP4 125 developed with Caffenol-C   This shot is from a negative I’ve developed with caffenol-c in 2011. The blur and the contrast are just as I hoped! It still surprises me how good caffenol processed films look. I’ve also used this process for prints in darkroom but I hardly achieve good contrast and […]

Let me introduce you to Caffenol

Have you ever heard of Caffenol-C process? It is an alternative developement process for black and white film (you can develop color as well but the result will be monochrome) and photographic paper. About one year ago I started shooting on film with a Minolta X-700 and while looking for developement tutorial I found an […]

Blog Open!

Ok, the time has come :) I am proud to announce that my Activity Blog is now open!! Some stuff is still under construction but this should work for now. First of all let me introduce myself, I’ll copy-past part of my description from the “About” page: My name is Robin Bervini, I am a 22 […]