My photo in RedBubble newsletter

I had a surprise today. I was checking my e-mail and when scrolling down the latest redBubble newsletter I found out they featured one of my photographs! It is the last one, on the bottom right of the screenshot. RedBubble is a good site to shop for postcards, fine art prints and framed prints. They also sell t-shirts, stickers and iPhone covers with users’ design. Personally I was disappointed on my first T-Shirts purchase, the print was so crappy, but postcards and photo prints are neat! If you take your time to visit my gallery there, you could be interested in some prints, and you can contact me for requesting photographs not featured on that site (there’s a strict and not up to date selection of my works, maybe you’ll find something else in my deviantArt gallery). You might be surprised to find out how good enlarged Polaroids (without their frame) may look on your wall.

Lame self promoting post, I know, but I was too excited to not share that screenshot! Done.

Panoramic Wheel

Polaroid Soft Tone Expired
Polaroid ProCam

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