Polaroid SLR 680 (review)

Polaroid SLR 680

Nikon D90


My beloved Polaroid SLR 680. This is probably my favorite instant camera, it has it all: regular tripod sprocket, sonar-autofocus or manual focus, electronic flash with a switch to turn it on and off and it tilts according to the focus distance set to make sure the best lighting for the subject. And of course it is a SLR as its cousins from the SX-70 series and it is foldable as well. I’ve been damn lucky as I bought 2 of this camera in a single online auction for a laughable price. Both of them are working good, they differ in some outer details. It takes 600 film type (and SX-70 as well but it is set for ISO600 film).

Ok, that’s not really a review, to learn more I suggest you to visit this post from The Impossible Project blog.

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