Snap portrait of Li

Li with satin jacket

The Impossible Project PX70 First Flush
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar One Step


Last evening/night was weird, improvised and funny. Me and this friend of mine had to meet but we had no clue of what to do, so she asked me to teach her the basics for riding a longboard. Where we had some flat riding we met another friend who told us there was a beach volley tournament going on by the lake, so when sun went down we went there. Actually we watched only a match, then we had a long chat on the shore and I took a bath. What next? She wanted me to cut her hair, a 3mm shave on the bottom back of her head. We were both surprised I didn’t mess up, she looked fine enough. At that time it was already late but for some reason I wanted her to pose in two outfits for some instants shot (it’s been a while, Jeez). That’s one color shot on PX70 film, I also did 2 black and white shots and other 2 color shots with the Polaroid Automatic 100 on Fuji FP-100 C film that came way too dark, but today I’ve bleached the negatives so maybe something interesting will come out of those scans, I’ll post the results with some details on the bleaching process later.

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