Outdoor test with latest Impossible color film (prod. 01.14)

I recently bought a stock of color and black and white film for both SX-70 and 600 Polaroid cameras as I was running short on film and wanted to try the last generation of film. Yesterday was a sunny day and so I brought a SX-70 camera and a pack of Impossible SX-70 color film produced in January 2014 (01.14 marked on the film pack).



I wasn’t really impressed with the results, I was expecting better color rendition. Even though the weather was sunny it was also pretty cold, so I think that could have been the matter in the color rendition. There is a green-yellowish color cast in highlights and a pink-purple cast in shadows. This really reminds me of the old “PX-70 Push!” film and kind of bothers me. The blue of the sky is totally missing this way. I will have to test the same film in cloudy weather and let it develop in warmer environment, and try shooting with studio flashes. I hope to get more accurate colors, if not I will simply learn how to get the best out of this film with lighting and filters. I’ll test the 600 color film soon too and let y’all know.

px70color_001 px70color_002 px70color_005 px70color_003 px70color_004

3 Responses to Outdoor test with latest Impossible color film (prod. 01.14)

  1. Dustin says:

    Hi there, copy the background layer, use the “Auto Color” option from the “Image” menu, and adjust the opacity in Photoshop…works wonders. Try it out and it will blow your mind. Happy Shooting!

    • robinbervini says:

      Hi Dustin, thanks for your hint. But the only color correction I do on my polaroids is to make it as close to real life as possible, not to really change the colors. I always try to gain most control on film working with temperature, exposure control and filters, that’s my goal :)

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