4×5″ test with Cate

As I have bought accessories for my large format camera I decided to give it a try on 4×5″ color film (I only tested on 4×5″ black and white film and instant film in case you hadn’t read about it) and my mind was blown away from the result. The large size of the film something magnificent, I know it’s kind of  “duh!” but really, when you scroll down a 3200dpi scan at 100% zoom the feeling is like you are never getting to the bottom. What is really interesting is that at this size it is possible to crop little parts of the picture and still have a pretty big image to work with.

So my friend Cate has kind as always and posed for my test. I’m posting the complete photograph (not at actual file size) and a little crop of it just to explain myself better. This one was taken on Fuji RDP III color reversal 4×5″ film.

caterina_origlio_001 caterina_origlio_001-2crop800px

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