Scandinavian Holidays, part 1

In June I have spent two weeks in Northern Europe during which I visited Denmark (Copenhagen, Næstved, Faxe) and Norway (Oslo). Every time I pack up for a journey the hardest part is to choose which cameras take with me. This time I left all the Polaroid cameras at home, my weapons of choice were a 35mm Minolta X-700 with a 50mm prime lens, my 6×6 Zeiss Ikon and a sloppy waterproof Olympus compact camera. It was really a pleasant journey, Danish people are the kindest, the amount of light during the 24 hours was absurd (I didn’t see the sky go black in Oslo) and so were the prices. I have been blessed with sunny weather for almost my whole staying and I went swimming in the sea. Oh, and I got my iPhone 5S stolen but somehow I got it back, long story.

I shot 4 35mm rolls and 3 120 rolls. I haven’t scanned the 35mm film yet, so here’s some pics took with the Zeiss Ikon.


scandinavia-1 scandinavia-3 scandinavia-5


scandinavia-22 scandinavia-25 scandinavia-29


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